Who's going to AAC?

I am! I'm thrilled that Suz and I learned this week that we will be presenting a workshop together at the AAC conference in Cleveland next April. Our session is entitled Nine Months: Gains and Losses, and it will look at the months preceding the birth and adoption of a child from our different perspectives. Our goal is to show how misinformation and lack of communication during this time lead to decisions with lifelong consequences that we might not otherwise make. I have long wanted to work with Suz, and this topic is one that I know we'll do justice to.

I'll also be doing a workshop on my own called Connecting with Commitment. This one will be on the topic of transracial and transnational adoptive parenting. I'm glad to have the opportunity to share my family's experiences, and also to be able to share with others what Korean Focus has accomplished here in DC and in other cities, too.

The conference, which is sponsored by the American Adoption Congress and local co-sponsor Adoption Network Cleveland, will take place in Cleveland, Ohio (my home town) from April 22nd through April 25th, 2009. Check the AAC regularly for more information, including online registration. And if you're planning on being there, be sure to let me know!


Congratulations, Margie, that is great news!!!

I, on the other hand, am slightly disgruntled that my panel of adult transracial adoptees was rejected.
Margie said…
Susan, I am so sorry - that's a session they really need to have there!! Emailing an idea.
Judy said…
Well of course I'll be there! (medical stuff notwithstanding) And April 22 -- that's my birthday! :) What better way to celebrate than to be with bloggy friends!!
Margie said…
Judy, yyyaaayyy!! That'll be awesome!!!
suz said…
I am going.

(Bahaha, I crack myself up)
imtina said…
SOOOO wish I could come. I'd love to work with you too!!

I went to an AAC conference in the 90's and it was AWESOME.

BD said…
I'll be there I'm doing a presentation on my case study of Ohio Safe Havens.
Margie said…
Yay Marley, see you therre! And thanks, Heather!
maybe said…
I'm hoping to be there.

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