Julia's light

still shines.

This week, I went back at last to the chats I saved, but have been unable to read, and read snippets of our conversations. Three things jumped out at me: Julia's humor, her strength, and her wisdom, which far exceeded her years. She was a rare soul, truly rare.

I'm remembering Julia today, in disbelief that it was a year ago today that she lost her battle with leukemia. I'm thinking of her, of John, and of Julia's family and friends, who I know are mourning deeply again today.


Mei-Ling said…
Wish I could have gotten to know her...

Judging by all the comments about her, she seems like she was such a wonderful, funny, caring person.
Yoli said…
I only knew her through her blog and she came across as someone exceptional, both in insight and compassion. Her light indeed shines on.
UmmNaji said…
Thanks, Margie, for this and for the chat this morning. Thanks for capturing and sharing some of her light.
Kahlan said…
The tears just keep coming this week. I still cannot believe she is gone. I haven't had the strength to go back through our conversations. Thinking of all of Julia's family and loved ones, wishing she was still here.
Seoul Siblings said…
I wish that I gotten the chance to chat with her more. In one of the Anne of Green Gables' series of books by Lucy Maud Montgomery, Anne found a "kindred spirit" in her best friend Diana...somebody that Anne could confide her innermost soul to.

I think Julia was that kind of a kindred spirit.
Margie said…
Thanks for remembering Julia, everyone. She is missed, that's for sure.
joy said…
Hey Margie

I am circumventing your disabled comments---I hope it is a forgivable sin.

I have wanted to leave too, for different reasons, but yes sometimes it is too much.

I have mixed feelings about the movie Orphan, but why I am really writing is to let you know how much I have appreciated your patience and kindness.

You have always supported the adoptee rights day and I am sorry you don't feel appreciated for that, because you are.

I value you and your opinion.


Margie said…
Thanks, Joy, I appreciate it, but to clarify: I don't want to feel appreciated, I just don't want to be misjudged.
joy said…
Maybe appreciated isn't the right word.

I am not sure I know what is atm.

I do want to say, as one of the organizers, we value your efforts on our behalf. Thank you. The anon poster does not speak for us.

I agree that you were misjudged.
Mirjam said…
Thanks again for leading me to Julia's blog about 2 years ago. I still reread parts now and then.

Misjudged is an understatement.
I've learned more here than anywhere else.

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