A few important announcements:

Adoptee Rights Demonstration Philly

The Adoptee Rights Demonstration will take place in Philadelphia, PA on July 21st, just a little over a month from today. If you plan on attending and haven't registered, online registration is here. If you can't attend but would like to support this important initiative, you can donate online via Paypal. Visit the demonstration website for all the details.

KAAN Denver
Early and therefore reduced registration for the 2009 KAAN Conference in Denver, CO will be available through June 30th. The conference will take place from July 31st through August 2nd at the Sheraton Denver Hotel. Register online here, and get the whole scoop here. Check out the KAAN website for info, including photos and reflections on past conferences.


joy said…
Thanks Margie for the shout out, hope you are doing well.
Margie said…
I am! I think I'm getting over my hissy fit. For the moment I'm having a good time writing at the new blog, but I'll keep in touch here, too.

I really would like to be at the ARD, but I think we'll be returning that day from the first of several trips this summer. I'm there in spirit if not in the flesh, and I WILL be at one in the future.
lllooorrriii said…
psst Margie - did you mean July 21 or June 21 ??
Margie said…
Doh! ARD is July 21st, but what I meant to say was that it was a little over a MONTH from the day I posted the announcement.

Thanks for the good catch!!

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