ARD: From Philly 2009 to Louisville 2010

Reports, photos and videos from the Adoptee Rights Demonstration in Philly on July 21 are starting to come online from all over. Kudos to everyone who worked on and/or attended the demonstration and helped to make it the success it clearly was!

Next year's ARD will be in Louisville during the week of July 19th. It's not too early to start spreading the word or planning to attend. My goal is to be there with a group of adoptive parents to send the word that we support the right of adopted people to equal access to their original birth certificates.

Start here, at the Adoptee Rights Demonstration blog, where you'll find all kinds of links to reports, photos and blogs. Also check out the ARD Philly YouTube page and the Adoptee Rights Philly Facebook page. There will be more reports over time, so check frequently.

ARD needs our help to kick things off for next year's Adoptee Rights Demo, which will take place in Louisville, Kentucky during the week of July 19, 2010. Visit the YouTube page From NOLA to Philly - The Adoptee Rights Demonstrations and do three things:

* Watch the video
* Add it to your YouTube favorites
* Add a comment

These will help push the video to the front of YouTube's non-profits page, which will in turn spread the word about the cause. Please spread the word, too - on your websites and blogs, with the organizations you belong to, and with your friends! APs, while you're at it, join the Facebook group Adoptive Parents for Open Records to show your support for the open records cause.


Michelle said…
Thanks for posting this, Marghie :)

It was a great protest and working in the booth and convention centre was very productive.

As always, thanks for your support.
Dory said…
Thanks so much for this post Margie. I really appreciate all the support your have given to us.

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