I hate reading things like this

This makes me heartsick. I hate this disease, I really do. I hate thinking of the people it has taken. And I hate thinking that it will take many more before a cure is found.

In the meantime, the best hope for many leukemia sufferers is bone marrow transplant. For the best possible outcome, you need a match, a really close match. The best chance of that comes from biological family members, but of course for an adopted person this may not be possible.

For this reason, we need lots and lots of people of all ethnicities and races need to step up to the plate and register to be bone marrow donors. Registering is easy - a swab, some paperwork, and you're done. Actually donating marrow is harder, but the possibility of saving a life outweighs the risk and discomfort. Ask anyone who has been a match, and I'm sure they'll agree.

So please, please register. You can learn more here:

Asian American Donor Program
Asians for Miracle Matches
National Marrow Donor Program
The Caitlin Raymond International Registry
The Leukemia and Lymphoma Society

If you've already registered, you can do more: Sponsor a marrow registration drive at your workplace or an event. Give dollars. And stand up for adoptee rights. Opening records gives adopted people at least a fighting chance of finding a relative whose marrow might save their life, should that need arise.

There are no guarantees with this disease. Even with a match, it may win. But to deny an individual the opportunity of even trying to fight it with a family member's marrow?

That's just wrong.


Yoli said…
Thank you for sharing this Margie.
mama d said…
Thank you Margie, from me and in memory of Louie Bonpua my friend and fellow triathlete.
rosemary said…
Thanks for the reminder, Margie! My brother-in-law fought (and won thankfully) this disease but we know the agony and the importance of the registry!!

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