Love isn't enough

Love conquers all.

If you're an adoptive parent, you've probably heard or read these words before. Heck, maybe you've even said them yourself, or believed it at one time or another in your adoption journey.

I'll be honest: way back at the beginning, I believed it, too. But I learned quickly that saying the words and hoping they were true weren't enough to fulfill my responsibilities to my children. I learned that along with that love, you have to act: respect and nurture your child's connection to his or her culture and community, and work actively to end racism. I've written my thoughts about this before - here, here, here, here, and probably a few more places, too.

I've also written from time to time at Anti-Racist Parent, one of the best places on the internet for parents raising children of color to come together and discuss the issues facing them. If you're also an ARP fan, you may know already that there are, to steal ARP's own phrase, changes afoot.

Anti-Racist Parent is now Love Isn't Enough: On Raising a Family in a Colorstruck World, where many new topics will now be discussed:
We talk about race, mostly, but we also want to talk about education and self-esteem and childcare and religion and gender bias and homophobia and the things all parents, regardless of race, worry about…and how all that stuff intersects with race.
Bookmark Love Isn't Enough, and stay tuned for new discussions and more changes.


thanks for the tip--I have bookmarked that site!
rosemary said…
I've been a longtime fan and I love their new name. I think it really speaks to the heart of the matter! PUN!! ;-)

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