A generation fights to reform adoption laws

Must read: A generation fights to reform adoption laws.

I understand this far too well:
They found that in some cases an orphan hojeok (family registry) is produced for a child sent for international adoption, even if the child has a family. Contradictions were also found between the records held by adoptive parents and those kept by the adoption agency.
Which is why we have to think long and hard about this:

The majority of children relinquished for adoption in Korea are the children of unwed mothers. Of the 2,556 adoptions in 2008, international and domestic, 2,170 were the children of unwed mothers. Others were from low-income families or broken homes.
This picture will look different in Ethiopia, China or Russia or whatever placing country you may talk about, including the U.S. (yes, American children are adopted abroad.) Understanding these underlying causes for adoption is absolutely key to avoiding corrupt adoption practices.

Kudos to everyone in Korea who has been working to improve Korean adoption law and practice: Jane Jeong Trenka, TRACK, Reverend Kim Do-Hyun of KoRoot and those who weren't named in the article.


Jane Jeong Trenka said…
Hi Margie, Thanks for all your activism. How about coming to Korea and teaching English if you're out of a job in the States? ^^

I finally got the google video up of the public hearing and I want to share it with your readers. There are two "unwed mothers" on the video, as well as Kwon Hee Jung from Dr. Boas' Korean Unwed Mothers Support Network. So I hope you and your readership will enjoy seeing our perspective from Korea.


link here:


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