Return policy

Think about this next time you're discussing relinquishment revocation issues with someone and they don't get it. Many thanks to Jennifer Kwon Dobbs for this powerful reminder of how ridiculous it is to expect a woman to be able to make as momentous a decision as surrender in just a few days:

60 days = timeframe to return to Target a lamp you don't like but
72 hours = max proposed timeframe for deciding your family's future fate

Now, continue thinking about this in the context of this Korea Times article about Korean Health and Welfare Minister Jeon Jae-hee. To counteract Korea's low birth rate, Ms. Jeon proposes early dismissal evenings, matchmaking programs, and speed-dating events to encourage Koreans to take the plunge and procreate. Clever woman!

It should come as no surprise that there's no mention of support for single mothers in the article.


Terra said…
Thank you Margie and Jennifer.
Yoli said…
Oh Margie, how horrible. Great work by Jennifer.

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