John Raible gets the last word on adoption disruption

You absolutely must read this post: Sticking with a wounded child.

I have nothing to add; John says it all.


osolomama said…
This is definitely the best one so far and expresses everything I would like to say. I'm still workin' on a disruption post, but I will reference this one first and mine as a footnote.

I'm gassed at some of the comments in the blogosphere on so many levels.
Margie said…
It's just out of control. Seriously, adoption as we know needs a total overhaul - it scares me, really scares me, to see some of the attitudes that are becoming prevalent. Sickening.

I'll be sure to read!
Diane said…
It is indeed all that and a bag of chips. I hope his post goes viral:) Spread it on and over!

It is damn scary, I so know, but to read John wax on... finally I feel a smile creepin'...where are my pom poms?

What a voice and what an important time for that voice to be used.
maryanne said…
Great piece by John Raible. Yes, he does say it all. Everyone sticking up for the Hansens needs to read his piece.

I do not know him but see he will be speaking at the ASAC Conference at MIT on April 29-May 2 Details here:
Marley Greiner and I and some other great folks will also be presenting,

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