For mothers

My wish for mothers, as each wants and needs: Rest, peace, reunion, joy, strength, and justice.

Thinking of you all.

Added later: Please read Cassi's post on "birthmothers' day. She asks us to imagine if a special day were set aside to celebrate adoptive mothers, rather than a day for the women who bore our children. It will give you a taste of what it must feel like to be dismissed and relegated to the fringes of your own child's life. Read and think.


Raina said…
Well said Margie. Happy Mother's Day to you, too.
KimKim said…
Only just saw this. Thank you Margie. You are always thinking of ALL mothers. I appreciate that. I had a weird mother's day but the day after my beautiful home made card was in the post and my husband who had been working all day Sunday bought me flowers. So Monday was my special day this year.
I hope you had a wonderful Mother's Day too, you deserve that.
Campbell said…
Aha! Found a way to say something to you.

If it's too much trouble to do your other personal blog than you should skip it. This recent bunch of ridiculousness must have been VERY stressful for you.

What you said on your other blog about being true to your kids and the reality of your lives really strikes me. It's why I refuse to be bullied or shunned in to saying my adoption experience was all bad. Even though there is much wrong with adoption and pain for so many, it will never completely go away and although learning from mistakes is essential, learning from success is hugely beneficial too.
I'm sure you have much to share about why your kids are doing well in spite of the extra obstacles they face. How you are able to be present and positive even when that good stuff is mixed with more negative feelings like guilt.

I believe, as an adopted person, this information is invaluable. I also believe that people who are already in a difficult situation need hope to help them succeed, heal or overcome.

You could always moderate comments... : )

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