Another journalist fails intercountry adoption

This time it's Michael Gerson, a Dub Bush speechwriter who was recuited by Karl Rove.  Nuff said about what I think about his politics.

You be the judge of what he says about intercountry adoption at this article: International adoption: From a broken bond to an instant bond. My comment was this:

"Ethnicity is an abstraction ..."

No, ethnicity is not an abstraction. It is the stuff of which many, many human beings define their very selves.

I could not agree more with you when you describe the serendipity that leads to strong, loving families, including mine. But I couldn’t disagree more that this somehow dismisses our obligation as adoptive parents to respect and nurture the genetic and ethnic connections our children bring with them. These are not ours to dismiss.

If intercountry adoption were the simple matter of placing the life of a child on one side of a scale, and the preservation of that child’s racial and cultural identity on the other, perhaps you would be making a point that could be taken at face value. But as a journalist, you should know better that it’s not that simple. The orphans that people believe they are “saving” through intercountry adoption often aren’t orphans at all, and often would not have had to leave their families or mothers had those families and mothers had a little financial and societal support.

Supporting just intercountry adoption, nurturing our children’s birth heritages, and helping to end the tragedies that lead to intercountry adoption aren’t mutually exclusive. How I long for someone with a public pulpit to acknowledge this.

Margie Perscheid
Adoptive mom of two incredible young Korean adults

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