Direct Adoptions, direct to my mailbox

I got an unsolicited email the other day from a New York PR firm announcing a new online adoption "community." is a new on-line community founded by adoptive parents to empower birthmothers and adoptive parents by increasing their direct access to private, affordable, open adoption. It is committed to providing a process, based on a social networking platform, that includes many of the positive attributes of traditional agency adoptions, such as professionalism and confidentiality, yet offers the further advantages of simplicity and affordability.
On its webpage, DirectAdoptions advertises the following, also stating that it is not an adoption agency:
find birthmothers
  • Make your own match outside the agencies.
  • Contact birth mothers directly.
  • Get support and guidance.
find adoptive parents
  • Contact adoptive parents directly.
  • Meet other birth mothers.
  • 100% anonymous. FREE.
We've created a community for adoptive couples and individuals to meet birthmothers and one another in a SAFE, SECURE, and ANONYMOUS environment.
I tried to figure out where Direct Adoptions might be doing business, but the closest I could come was to Chicago, where the cell phone number they offer as their biz line is located.

Things get complicated at the DA website.  Several of the pages include a navbar stating that DA is endorsed by the "National Adoption Foundation."  Hmm, 23 years in the adoption community and this is the first I've heard of them.  I surf on over to the NAF webpage, and find nothing to indicate that they are indeed a 501c3 or any other established non-profit.  I do find that they endorse one organization: Direct Adoptions.  I wasn't the least bit surprised that the "Ask a Pro" button on the NAF website responded with "Coming Soon," but the options to donate to the NAF or get your very own NAF credit card worked just fine. So did the payment plan options on the DA site - $295 initial fee for PAPs plus $59 a month "maintenance fee," all of which would be waived for the first 50 visitors to the NAF website.

A little digging brought me to an article on a webpage on bnet, the CBS Interactive Business Network.  The National Adoption Foundation is apparently the brainchild of a Mr. Norman Goldberg, who was in bnet's "conservative spotlight" in that 2000 article.  Interestingly, one of the addresses I have found for the NAF (two in Danbury, CT and one in Patterson, NY) happens to coincide with the divorce practice of a Ms. Judith Goldberg.

Oh - is on Facebook.  There are comments on their wall, but I presume they're by moles, because there's no comment block.  Maybe you have to like them first, and I'm not going there.

It makes me grind my teeth.


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