More skewed media coverage of intercountry adoption

I guess when you work for NPR you have something in your contract that says if you write a book you get to plug it x number of times on NPR shows.  Scott Simon had a big chunk of the Diane Rehm show today.  It was a love fest, that's for sure.

At the risk of being smacked down for voicing any positive feelings about adoption, let me say that I get Mr. Simon's love for his daughters and his family.  I get the strength of the connection he feels; my family feels equally connected.

But we have heard it all before.  And in this umpteenth telling of the Joy of Adoption, NPR skewed the issue. The callers were overwhelmingly positive in their attitudes toward intercountry adoption, and the few that had more challenging stories to tell got a nod, followed by a subject change back to something warmer.

Message to Diane Rehm:  If you want to be as unbiased as NPR claims to be, then please plan some programs that focus on adoption practices worldwide (including closed birth records right here) and invite only adoptees and mothers who have lost their children to adoption.

So frustrating.


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