International Forum on Intercountry Adoption in DC April 14-17

April 14-17, 2011 - Hyatt Regency Hotel, Washington, D.C.
Moving forward from a 55 year perspective of
three generations of international adult adoptees

Presented by Holt International and Adoptees for Children

From the conference website:

Three generations of internationally adopted children are now adults.
Acknowledging the collective wisdom of the international adult adoptee community to the field of adoption, Holt International and Adoptees for Children (A4C) believe the time has come for an
International Forum: "Intercountry Adoption ~ Moving Forward From A Fifty-Five-Year Perspective."
The lessons learned through the life experiences of three generations of international adoptees provide important insights that are both individual and collective. The International Forum will deliberately focus on adoption issues from the adoptee perspective and bring together non-traditional partners to collaborate more effectively on behalf of children—to share ideas and strengthen the collective intercountry adoption community.

This unprecedented examination of adoption through the lens of internationally adopted adults will provide opportunities to respond to and learn from them. The International Forum will inform policy makers and improve and enhance how the professional adoption community designs systems and provides services to educate and prepare adoptive families to successfully parent.

International Forum Outcomes:
  • Establish communications network of international adult adoptees to provide feedback to adoption service providers to improve adoption practices
  • Publish Anthology by adult adoptees that will include their creative and artistic works "More Voices~ A Five Decade Retrospective of International Adoptees"
  • Photo directory and profile of International Forum adoptee participants
  • Public relations and media campaign to bring national focus to intercountry adoption. To normalize the adoption experience through the life experiences of adult adoptees
  • Inform Members of Congress to encourage legislators to consider adoptee perspective in developing adoption legislation and policy
  • Outreach to ethnic minority communities that reflect ethnicity of adoptees
  • On-Site National Bone Marrow Registry during International Forum. Arrange donor drive for participants who choose to register with the National Bone Marrow Registry, the Database for bone marrow transplants 
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