Q&A from Nine Months: Gains and Losses

In addition to posting the audio from the session Nine Months: Gains and Losses that Suz and I did together at the American Adoption Congress conference in Cleveland, Suz has posted a transcription of the Q&A (wow!) and a link to a PDF copy of our presentation.

The first comment to Suz's post pointed out some information that everyone with children from China should be aware of, so I pass it on. Question #6, from the mom of daughters from China, began with this statement:

I am an adoptive mom and my daughters are from China. In the Chinese community, we have no way of knowing the birth mothers because the children are abandoned.
I'm pretty sure everyone with children from China knows American Family, who responded as follows.  I'm posting the entire comment, because it's important information, and thank American Family for putting this information out there:

If you ever get another question like #6, please tell them they are WRONG. It IS possible to locate birth families in China. The impossibility of reunion there has been the party line for far to long and it is a cop out and simply NOT TRUE. Searching is difficult but not necessarily impossible.

We recently located our daughter’s birth family in China and more adoptive families are also successfully locating Chinese birth families all the time. I really feel like we need to get the word out that the party line is nothing more than propaganda.
If you know anyone (adoptive families or adoptees) who need resources about searching there, send them my way. I would be happy to help them get started.
Thank you again, Suz, for taking the time (and I know you are crazy busy!) to do the transcription and to post it and the audio.


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