Adoptive Parents and Search: Do They Have a Role?

The annual KAAN Conference is around the corner, just over a month away. If you are an adoptee from Korea, the parent of a Korean adoptee, or just connect to or interested in Korean adoption, you will want to attend. Great people, great sessions - always the high point of my summer.

This year my daughter and I are joining a panel to discuss an issue that everyone involved in Korean adoption will be interested in: whether or not adoptive parents have a role in search. It's an important topic, and this session.

I would like to thank my friend Terra Trevor, author of Pushing Up the Sky and fellow panelist, for spreading the word by posting the session information on her beautiful blog In Writing Motherhood. Thanks, Terra!

There is no adoptee experience more personal and profound than the search for birth family. In a time of increasing openness in adoption, adoptive parents may see a role for themselves in their children’s searches. But there is a line between providing support and influencing an adoptee to search before he or she is truly ready. Adoptive parents of today overwhelmingly recognize the importance of search. There are, however, differing opinions on whether or not they should play a role in their children’s searches, and if so, what that role should be.

Adoptive Parents and Search: Do They Have a Role?
KAAN 2011 Conference Session
Atlanta, Georgia
July 29 - 31, 2011

In this session, a panel of adoptees and adoptive parents (Mark Hagland, Suzanne Switzer, Mara Perscheid, Margie Perscheid, Terra Trevor) will share their experiences with searches, and their thoughts on if, when and how adoptive parents might best support a search.


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