Coming Home

I'm coming home - let the eyes roll.

I tried an angry blog, and it didn't work. Anger just begot anger, and it didn't get me where I wanted to go, which is to some actual change.

I tried a calm blog, and it didn't work.  I really do want to be calmer about things, but I just couldn't reconcile it with what I see happening in adoption.

This really is it. Really. Probably, anyway.

Gosh, I missed Naksansa!


Yoli said…
I know what you mean. Welcome home.
Terra said…
Perfect timing. Somehow I just knew I'd find you at home. ~Terra
Deb said…
Glad to have your voice back in the conversation, Margie, where ever you want speak!
Diane said…
It has been a long journey. Kick up your feet and worry about unpacking later. Welcome home.
Libby said…
This is great news. I have always enjoyed your writing and your perspective - angry, calm, whatever - and look forward to reading more from you! Yay!

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