KAAN 2011 Registration Now Open

Please spread the word! Registration for the Thirteenth Annual KAAN Conference, this year in Atlanta, GA, is now open! Adoptees, adoptive parents, first parents and anyone with an interest in Korean adoption is welcome to attend. Hope to see you there!

From the KAAN website:

We Have a Dream...

Sheraton Downtown
Atlanta, Georgia
July 29 - 31, 2011

KAAN was founded in 1998 to build a national Korean adoption community with adoptees at its center. We seek to better understand and improve the lives of adoptees and their families through our conferences and other services. We believe it is important to bring together all those connected to Korean adoption--especially adoptees, other Koreans and Korean-Americans, and family members through birth, adoption, or marriage--for dialogue, education, and support. We also welcome members of other adoptive communities who want to share and learn from our common experiences.

Our annual conferences move to various sites in the United States and at times South Korea. Our speakers, films, and programs range from academic to personal to grassroots to cultural. In addition, we nurture our network of individuals and organizations through our website, newsletter, Facebook community, and other outreach ventures. We are a Pennsylvania-based nonprofit with staff and Advisory Council members from across the United States.

This year's conference--our thirteenth annual--focuses on the dreams we have as a community and what we are doing to pursue those dreams. We are excited to connect with the local Atlanta community as host for this event and look forward to the new relationships this will bring.

To register online and to learn more about this year's programs, click on the links at the left of this screen. If you would like to print a copy of our brochure or support our conference through some type of sponsorship, look over the opportunities below. You can also donate through the button at the top of this screen.

Thank you for your interest in KAAN!

More information, including online registration and exhibitor, program and gala registration forms, can be found on the KAAN Conference website.


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