Korean adoptee bloggers unite!

First, a thank you: to everyone who commented on this and this, and allowed me to think out loud about the Anyeli Rodriquez case. I've got a little more to say, and will do that as soon as work allows.

In the meantime, Land of Gazillion Adoptees has issued a challenge to all Korean adoptee bloggers:
Can I have your attention please, Korean adoptee bloggers?!  As you know, we are a reflection of the massive Korean adoptee community.  We are part of a worldwide community that is marked by diversity of opinion when it comes to anything relating to adoption.  Some of us are “pro-adoption.”  Some of us are “anti-adoption.”  Some of us “don’t give a shit.”  However, I suspect we Korean adoptee bloggers can agree when it comes to this: “The deportation of adoptees is fucked up.”  Yes, the statement is crass, but am I wrong?

With this in mind, I ask you to join us folks here at Land of Gazillion Adoptees to talk about adoptee deportation/citizenship at least once during the month of June.  Talk about our fellow Korean adoptee Russell Green.  Talk about our fellow adoptee Kairi Abha Shephard.  Talk about adoptee deportation/citizenship in a broader context.  Talk about other deportation cases.  Talk about the need to reform the Child Citizenship Act of 2000.  Talk about the fact that others are talking about adoptee deportation/citizenship.  Talk about the Congressional Coalition on Adoption Institute (CCAI) statement: ...
Crass or no, LGA's statement about the state of adoptee citizenship is spot on. So I would add one more topic to the talking points: the pure human rights insult of adoptee deportation. It is wrong, period, and we need to let legislators and the mainstream know that we don't buy the double-talk.

Go, pass on the challenge and write, and when you're done, let LGA know that you've written by commenting on this post. Thank you!


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