Who's going to the 2012 St. John's Conference in Manhattan?

Anyone know they're going already?

Office of Post-graduate Clinical and Professional Programs

An interdisciplinary and inter-institutional structure

The 7th Biennial Adoption Conference
“Best Interests of the Child?”
Race, Religion, and Rescue in Adoption
October 18-20, 2012

Location: St. John’s University, Manhattan

For the latest information about the conference, visit The Adoption Initiative website or email adoptioninitiative@gmail.com


Suz said…
I will be there! (So glad we get to room together again. Just sent you my room reservation deets)
Daniel Ibn Zayd said…
My paper was accepted; inch'allah I will be there....
Margie said…
Suz, THANK YOU for rooming again - I had a great time last year, and am looking forward to it again already!

Daniel, hot dog, I get to meet you!! Congratulations on your paper being accepted - what's the topic?
danielibnzayd said…
Thanks! I'm looking forward to it.

My topic will be: "Islamophobia and Adoption: Who Are the Civilized?"; I'll be taking a look at the movement of evangelicals and now Muslims who advocate for adoption based on false readings of the Holy Books, and how this is used as a foreign policy battering ram against countries seen as vulnerable to accusations of "backwardness" and thus economic predation. Connecting the economic and political dots, like I usually do (to nobody's amusement)....

Will hopefully see you there!
maryanne said…
I will be there, on a panel. My topic is a history of birthmother activism. Easy, since I have been involved since the 70s. I have not gone to this conference for the last few years, but look forward to this one.
Margie said…
Hey, Maryanne, great, I'll get to meet you!

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