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I learn best when information is presented to me and I am allowed to digest it. I also learn best when the information is someone’s firsthand experience, rather second- or third-hand academic dissection or opinion. When it comes to adoption, I also learn best from first parents and, above all, adopted people. They have given my adoption education its ah ha moments.

Filmmaker and Korean adoptee Deann Borshay Liem has been my greatest teacher. I wonder sometimes where my adoption education would have gone had I not seen First Person Plural back in 2000. The film had just been released, and in a stroke of luck, the event's host, Korean Focus Metro DC, was able to bring Deann to the program. The audience, a mix of adoptees, adoptive parents and adoption agency staff, was clearly moved, to tears. The discussion that followed the film demonstrated just how deeply it had touched the audience.

Deann’s second, and more recent, film on the subject of adoption from Korea is 2010’s In the Matter of Cha Jung Hee. Deann goes head on with adoption fraud in this one, as she searches for a Korean woman named Cha Jung Hee, with whom her identity was switched before she was adopted by American parents. Like First Person Plural before it, this film is direct and never preaches. It simply presents this egregiously unjust situation, allows you to absorb the shock of knowing this was happening with Korean adoption, and then draw your own conclusion.

Deann is working on a third film, Geographies of Kinship: The Korean Adoption Story, and she is seeking your support to make it a reality. Geographies of Kinship can earn $75,000 if that amount is pledged by July 31. The drive just started, and almost $16,000 has been pledged already. To get to $75K, Deann needs everyone to make a donation (they can be as small as $1 and as large as you choose) and also to share this announcement with your friends, families and communities.

There is really no better teaching tool than experience, and no better way to share experience than to show it in film. Please make a donation today and pass on the announcement!

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Libby said…
Thank you for posting about this Margie! I saw both of these films on PBS a couple years ago and they were outstanding. I totally was sobbing when she met her mother in Korea and they were sitting on the floor together, crying. I will definitely chip in here.
Margie said…
Excellent, thank you!
nikki said…
I am so excited about this film. Donated today!

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