Keep the heat on: adoptee citizenship actions

A little birdy  - well, actually a big birdy who's fighting the good fight for all kinds of adoptee rights - tweeted the other day that Congressional Coalition on Adoption Senate co-chair Jim Inhofe is showing signs of thawing on the issue of adoptee citizenship.

Hallelujah! Now, I think, is a good time to thank Senator Inhofe for listening, and to encourage Senator Mary Landrieu, CCA Senator co-chair with Senator Inhofe, to do the same.Go forth, tweet, retweet, post and email! Tell the CCA to fix the CCA 2000 loopholes, grant all intercountry adoptees immediate citizenship, and bring hom all deported adoptees!
While you're at it, sign this petition, which was started by Mike Frailey, an adoptee from Vietnam who came to the U.S. with Operation Babylift. Mike will be interviewed at Land of Gazillion Adoptees this week, don't miss it.


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