May 11, 2013 is Single Mom's Day in Korea

Depending on where you live in the U.S., you may be experiencing the last throes of winter or an early summer blast of heat. Here in DC, it's the latter, and the change has turned everyone's attention to spring activities. One of those, of course, is Mother's Day, which will be on May 12th this year.
In Korea, May 11th has become Single Moms' Day. It's a day on which community activists in Korea come together in support for single Korean mothers, including mothers who placed their children in adoption. This year's Single Mom's Day events are being sponsored by the following organizations, all of which have an interest in supporting single parents and advocating for their rights:
As you can imagine, the logistics of such an event are expensive. One way you can show your support for the women of Korean who are working to change attitudes toward single parenthood is to donate to this event. It provides them an opportunity to get into the national spotlight and raise awareness about this important issue. You can directly support the event in several ways:
Every adoptive parent I know thinks about their children's mothers on Mother's Day. Many of us have learned through the years that our children could have stayed with their families had the social and financial support been available to them. It's a painful reality for us, but nothing compared to the pain of having lost your child to hard-hearted families and communities, or for lack of money.

Show that you recognize the injustice. Demonstrate your solidarity with Korean women. Please support 2013 Single Moms' Day as generously as you can!


To "Kendra" who left a comment lauding Single Mom's day, but whose link led straight to AdoptHelp (the name says it all), an adoption agency with "pregnancy counseling" services: Sorry, market your wares elsewhere.

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