Ralph Lauren is going after adoptees now?

This is really bad. The Daily Beast ran an "article" recently - I put this in quotes because it barely qualifies, given that it's really no more than a great big Ralph Lauren ad (as if we need more of those): Ralph Lauren Child Model, From Roadside to Runway.

"Roadside to runway?" Seriously? Oh yes, this is mainstream internet media, so you get what you Ralph Lauren pays for.

We cannot let these kinds of articles pass, so go on over and comment if you haven't already. Here's what I said:

There is so much the media could do to shed light on the hot mess that intercountry adoption is in today, yet you instead choose to highlight an atypical rags-to-riches adoptee story that turns this little girl into no more than a marketing tool. Some folks may get the warm-fuzzies from it - maybe those who are unconnected to intercountry adoption or who are on the "orphan savior" train. 
We who understand intercountry adoption's supply-and-demand nature, however, are shuddering. 
At the root of every single adoption is a separated family and child. Even when adoption is truly justified by the child's circumstances and conducted legally, and the adoptee is living a secure and - for lack of a better word - "happy" life, that adopted person experiences unique losses: loss of genetic identity, language and culture; and denial of legal rights and other privileges the non-adopted take for granted, such as identity theft in the form of closed original birth certificates and adoption records, lack of medical history and denial of citizenship. 
You owe your readers a rebuttal from an intercountry adoptee, and fast.


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