Are you coming? KAAN 2013: Working Together

Memorial Day has passed, and you know what that means:

The KAAN Conference is around the corner! KAAN is something I don't miss - I've attended every conference since they began in 1998 (including the 2003 conference that Korean Focus Metro DC hosted and the fabulous 2006 conference in Seoul). This year's theme is Working Together, which couldn't be more timely.

Why do I keep going? So many reasons: it's become a tradition for my daughter and me; I see many old friends and make new ones; because I always learn something; and sometimes because I get to present (once with my daughter - priceless, and once with Claud - how lucky is THAT!).

I'm excited this year to be part of two very different sessions. One will focus on the activities of the CCA 2000 amendment working committe, a group made up of individuals from very different adoption backgrounds and perspectives. The other will address a subject very near to my heart at the moment: adoptive parent fear of failing their children's first parents, which for me has never been more present now that my eldest is out in the world working and my youngest is on the verge of graduating from college.

KAAN is an experience you won't soon forget, and will likely want to repeat again and again. The KAAN website has registration and hotel information, along with session and activity descriptions. When you attend, you'll get to attend sessions like the ones I'm a part of, and many others, too. (You'll also get to hang out at the bar with everyone until the wee hours of the night, but that's another story altogether.)

Join us!

Unlikely Allies: Amending the CCA 2000
Join four members of the unlikely team that drafted and submitted the CCA 2000 amendment for citizenship for all intercountry adoptees as they discuss the process, their experiences, and their thoughts about collaboratively working with others in the adoption community with whom they may not always agree.

Living in the Shadow
A panel discusses their fears that they might not measure up to the expectations birth parents had when they placed their child for adoption.  This workshop will look at how parents facing their own fears allows them to be ready to hear the heart of their children when they want to talk with them about birth parents.


I hope our sessions don't collide, Terra, I want to be there for this one! Can't wait to see you there!

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