Fraud will out - if we out it

While everyone waits for NPR Weekend to do the right thing about #NPRgate by turning over the on-air voice for transracial adoption to - what a concept! - adult transracial adoptees, there's another story that needs everyone's attention, too.

Ashley and Dave Scott are prospective adoptive parents who began the process of adopting from China in 2012, and ended that effort in 2013 when it became clear that they were being scammed. In Ashley Scott's post Fraud Revealed, she gives a detailed account of their nineteen-month experience. It is eye-opening and sobering, and should serve as an example of just how much work there is to do to protect children, families and prospective adoptive parents from corruption.

Truth be told, had I come across Ashley Scott's blog without this post, I would have been put off. I'm not a fan of the adoption and religion cocktail, and there is a good bit of religion there. I despise adoption fundraising, and it's there in spades, in the form of a benefit concert by the musician couple. Without this post I would likely have drawn the conclusion that this person's eyes, ears and mind were closed to desperately needed adoption reforms.

I would have been wrong.

Unlike far too many others, the Scotts refused to participate in the corruption they faced as they moved forward to adopt. They publicly shared the experience and made their opposition clear.

In short, they did the right thing. It's refreshing.


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