In Remembrance of 현수 Hyunsu Facebook Site

A Facebook tribute site has been established to collect remembrances of little Hyunsu, who was murdered by his prospective adoptive father in the DC suburbs: In Remembrance of 현수 Hyunsu. This site is seeking writings from anyone who would like to speak out to Holt Korea about this crime. They will be collected in the coming days and sent to Holt to express the sorrow and outrage we are all feeling about this tragedy. Please add your thoughts, as it is important for as many people as possible to let legislators and adoption agencies know that we expect them to actively work to improve laws and procedures to ensure that this never happens again.

The thoughts I expressed follow. Please stop by the Facebook memorial site and add your thoughts.

I am an adoptive parent whose children are now grown. They are not so grown up, however, that I have forgotten them as little children as small as little Hyunsu, who has been taken from the world so violently. As I reflect on the sad passing of this beautiful little boy, I keep asking why? Why was he so violently beaten? Why was he placed with this particular couple? Why did no one see any signs in his adopters that this might happen to him? And why are such signs invisible, if there really is no way to see them? Most of all, though, I am asking why we are debating the fact that adoption as we know and practice it might have played a role. Hyunsu was in Damascus, Maryland because he was adopted. The people in whose care he was placed took his life. I beg every adoption agency in the United States and around the world that places children from Korea; the U.S. Congressional Coalition on Adoption; Holt Korea and all the agencies in Korea; and the Korean Ministry of Health and Welfare to consider the possible role adoption may have played in his death and to commit yourselves to ensuring it never happens again. I also beg you to increase your efforts to preserve vulnerable families, by providing support, but also by speaking out against practices that give preference to adoption. Rest in peace, Hyunsu. I pray you find the peace in eternity that we who were responsible for your safety failed to give you in life.


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