In which I rage: Why Hyunsu’s death IS an adoption issue

As I predicted in my post yesterday, the adoption zealots have begun to chip away at the outrage over the murder of little Hyunsu. As I expected, Biological parents kill children, too, is at the top of the list. I do not disagree: we see far too much child neglect, abuse and murder at the hands of parents in the world. It is a sad reality.

But the fact that it exists in biologically-related families is absolutely no reason to exonerate adoption practices in and between Korea and the US. The adoption zealots who are brushing Hyunsu’s death away with crocodile tears and justification of their own adoptions are doing just that.

Adoption has become its own religion in this country. Fueled by decades of support from organized churches, it has now reached a point at which it considers itself sacrosanct: exempt from judgment by humans and untouchable by law. Its mantra Every child deserves a family renders its believers blind to reason, and drives them to justify and promote behaviors that they would prosecute in any other setting. It also renders them blind to the wake they leave behind in their zeal to get the children out of whatever country or situation they choose to pillage. Families may be swindled out of their children, children may be downright kidnapped, but as long as they get the children out, they know the courts back home will support them. Because the courts got religion, too.

Hyunsu’s death is an adoption issue precisely because biological parents kill their children, too. A fact for you: Adoption is not a right, it is a social and legal process that requires those who facilitate it and enter into it to act with even MORE care than we humans typically put into our reproductive activities.

This fact seems to be utterly disregarded by the mainstream and majority of the adoptive parent community, both of which have so promoted adoption religion that I think you could say some prospective adoptive parents beheaded a poor birth family to adopt their child and the mainstream would applaud.

OK, that’s over the top. But bring it back to Hyunsu: A child has been murdered by an adoptive parent. To have allowed a person capable of beating a three-year-old from head to toe severely enough to cause death shows a serious gap in the prospective adopter screening process. At a bare minimum, that gap must be plugged, or adoption as we know it must end. It just appalls me how many adoptive parents are instead defending the status quo.

Although I would typically encourage opinions from all sides of an issue to comment, today I just dare anyone to say Hyunsu’s death isn’t an adoption issue, or that adoption as we practice it is just fine.

Frankly, I’m really tired of debating these issues with other adoptive parents, especially those with young children. You may honestly believe that adoption is all good, or you may be glowing at how well your little one is thriving. When your kids become adults, maybe you will finally realize that they are the recipients of a crazy quilt of adoption practices and laws that render domestic adoptees unable to access to their own birth certificates in the majority of states, withhold citizenship from adoptees who were brought here by a system that didn’t ensure they received it and considers young, poor pregnant women sources for babies for others rather than mothers. Oh, and don’t forget that in some countries, my kids’ Korea for example, children born outside of marriage aren’t even given the dignity of a truthful birth certificate.

How does this nonsense continue? Adoptive parent apathy. It is a sad fact, but true: If we rose up in a block and demanded change, there would be change. In this broken system, we have the power.

The system is broken. We cannot continue to debate this fact, we have to fix it, overhaul it or scrap it. I just don’t know what else to say, and I am sickened that the powers that be are blind to this. #JusticeforHyunsu

Updating, with thanks to TRACK, the warrant to arrest Brian O'Callaghan.


And I have seen the effects of the abuse of the broken adoption system, Noel: the Korean adoptees deported back to Korea with no language, job or income source; the mothers who life in grief because they were forced to place their children because they were young or unmarried or poor; the Asian kids whose parents deny that they are anything but white; the adoptees who were physically, emotionally or sexually abused. These things happened because adoptive parents remained silent or defended the status quo. I am simply not tolerating that here, on this post or any others about Hyunsu.

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