Not funny, SNLKorea

I saw something today that hit me like a punch in the gut. It was an attempt at humor, a skit that aired on SNLKorea, about adoptees - my kids, in other words.

This skit took an adoptee's loss and turned it into an appalling farce. It employed the equivalent of black face with its accented Korean and ridiculous gestures. It dismissed the adoptee's mother by keeping her back turned to us. It turned the adoptee into a buffoon.

There is something incredibly heartless about a skit that would poke fun at people whose entire lives are made up of the pain of loss. And there is no excuse for it. This skit tells me that Korea and an a whole lot of its people must have virtually no understanding of what it means to lose a child to adoption or to be an adopted person - either that or they just don't care.

To SNLKorea: shame on you. To every Korean adoptee: I apologize for the insult that has been given to you by this horrible skit.

I also urge Korean Americans to start calling out this stuff when you see it. I can call it out here, but the Korean adoption community needs your support to let your families and friends in Korea know that it is wrong.

Let SNLKorea know you're mad at @tvN_SNL.


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