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I spent a part of this past Friday in the Montgomery County Courthouse in Rockville, Maryland, hoping to attend the pre-trial hearing of Brian Patrick O'Callaghan, the alleged murderer of little Hyunsu Kim, a Korean adoptee just three years old at the time of his murder. Unfortunately, the hearing was cancelled and from the current information on the Montgomery County Circuit Court docket, has not yet been rescheduled. I will certainly attend the rescheduled pre-trial hearing and other trial events if I can.

The trial is due to start at the beginning of December, so the virtual silence around the case since the flurry of articles and posts in February and March will soon be broken. Because, in cases like this, the trail can grow cold after the trial and verdict are over, I thought it would be a good idea to pull together what I could find. A simple search of "Hyunsu O'Callaghan," along with some key information from TRACK and several other sources, netted quite a list of articles and blog posts.

A little bit of what's in the #JusticeforHyunsu wiki follows. News and other links are consolidate on the wiki page. I will add links as I find them, and will also expand my search. I also welcome suggestions, so please comment here or on the #JusticeforHyunsu page.

Honoring Hyunsu

In Remembrance of Hyunsu Facebook group
Forever Missed: Hyun-su Kim
Hyunsu's memorial service in Korea
Photos of Hyunsu's memorial in Korea
Mindle Mothers memorial in Sweden
Madoc Hyeonsu O'Callaghan's obituary
Hyunsu's resting place

Justice for Hyunsu

Brian O'Callaghan court dates
Brian O'Callaghan arrest warrant (thank you, TRACK)

Blogs & Forums

Adoption & Asian American Communities
Paradigm Shift #JusticeforHyunsu
TRACK: Information about Hyunsu and Brian O'Callaghan in the context of Korean adoption activism in Korea
Call for Solidarity amidst Tragedy
현수 '해외입양' 책임, 과연 누구에게 있나?


Suzanne said…
I sincerely hope Hyunsu's adoptive father does not get off as lightly as the Barbours did.

I also sincerely hope that Brian's parental rights to his *biological* child are terminated too -- along with his wife's (if she doesn't move out of the marital home, along with the survibg kid).

I literally do not understand WHY it isn't considered child for a parent to abuse/kill a kid on front of their other kids.

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