Personal #Resistance

Not even a month into the lunacy of the Trump administration and I am exhausted. I’m exhausted from the endless barrage of this man’s mental illness, lack of humanity, and ignorance, and from the vitriol that spews from the people who put him in the White House and support his lunacy and hate. I’m tired, too, of the endless parody on social media. It understand its importance as dissent and historical documentation, but after a while it melts together into noise.

What spews from the White House and Republican-controlled Congress isn’t noise, however. It’s poison. The messages are loud and clear: fear the other (as defined by these lunatics) and protect yourself from then by any ugly means; ignore fact and promote dishonesty; return to ignorance; demean, disrespect, and discriminate against all who are not white and rich and male.

I am the daughter, wife and mother of immigrants, people who in Trump’s America are permanently on trial for being born on different soil. My mother and her ancestors, and my husband have claimed their right to be here, we no longer fear your hate.

But my children, both adopted from Korea and both now American citizens, are members of a community used by conservative political factions to promote a “Christian” adoption agenda AND promote the deportation of crime-committing aliens. These incongruent attitudes coexist peacefully in the philosophies of many of those who voted for Donald Trump, as examples of their righteousness and lawfulness, I suppose.

It is insanity. It is also terrifying, because as Adam Crapser’s and every other adoptee deportation proves, adoptees may not even know they lack the legal protection of citizenship. I would love to blame conservatives for this nightmare, but the fact is that no administration or Congress since intercountry adoption began has righted this injustice. Some have tried, but all have failed.

In previous years, I had hope that justice would be done. Today, I have none. Instead, I encourage every intercountry adoptee who lacks access to the documentation of your adoption and citizenship to demand it from your adoptive parents and adoption agencies. Do not stop until you have every shred of information about your adoption. Do not let estrangement from your adoptive parents stop you: Demand what is yours.

Adoptive parents: Fulfill your obligations to your children. If you must finalize your child’s adoption, do it as soon as you are legally able. Do not rely on the CCA 2000 to protect your child’s legal status, obtain documentation.

My first engagement with the issue of adoptee citizenship was in 2004. Thirteen years later I am less hopeful than ever for legislative change. The adoption community can continue the fight with information, education and support – legal and financial. We cannot let this issue be forgotten.

#CitizenshipforAllAdoptees is my personal #Resistance to a country gone mad.


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